We’re going to be doing the most intense Sephora VIB Shopping Guide. If for some reason you missed out on the Sephora VIB event last week – not to worry! They are doing it again this weekend. If you are VIB Rouge you get 15% off of your entire purchase you also get 15% off if you are a VIB Member, and if you are a Sephora Beauty Insider you are going to get 10% off of your purchase and that is going on right now so let’s don’t waste any more time people!

I’m only going to share with you guys items that I really feel are worth the spend – that are special – that works so great, different and they are worth that Sephora price tag.

I think we need to start out with all of my primers and just kind of grease on through this because we got a lot to cover.

So, I want to tell you guys that I’m back on my Urban Decay anti-aging primer potion this works so beautifully to give you a not sticky overly tacky base for your eyeshadow and it really intensifies the color does it make things Clump or streak is just a really good standard eyeshadow base I prefer the anti-aging because hey, who doesn’t want a little anti-aging action for your eyelids I feel this works better than the original to just in my opinion… Love this guy right here.

For primers I have Guerlain – LOr Radiance Primer, if you’re looking for firming and moisturizing this is such a gorgeous primer I have bought this so many times this is from girl on it is the gold base now this is something that if you have oily skin you’re not going to want. It has a hefty price tag but honestly, I have not been able to do without this product and I noticed whenever I wear it that for some reason I have a really great skin day and my foundation looks so great so, I’ve just gone back to this one we love so good… so good.

I also love the Clean Slate Timeless primer at this is so fantastic for filling in the pores if you want to go a different route and you want something a little bit more puffy and not so putty-like, you could go at the Benefit professional those are my two faves were filling in the pores.

Bobbi Brown – Vitamin Enriched Face Base Moisturize – If you need hydration and you want your skin to just have like a nice drink of hydration before going straight into Foundation which can help your skin to not have any of those patches that kind of grabbed or lift from your foundation or powder product this will save the day, it’s so good!.

Now about that foundation –Laura Mercier – Flawless Fusion Ultra-Longwear Foundation it’s my everyday foundation. It does not break me out I tested over the past month probably 8 to 10 different foundations and there were a few of them that I really liked and I started wearing over and over but they made me break out like they just aggravated my skin really quickly, and I know that the Laura Mercier it does not so I love that one so much!

What about this one this is also a great primer at the Original Skin Pore Perfecting Cooling Primer with Willowherb from Origins. This is kind of a two-in-one, I go back and forth with this if I want to do quick makeup I will reach for this. If I want to do like multi priming and do like my voice translation and pour filling then I’ll still do my other stuff but this one is really good.The only other Foundation that I really go back for over and over again is this one right here Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick from Hourglass. This is the advantage stick, I feel like if you have drier skin and you want full coverage you’re going to really really love this if you have combo skin Laura Mercier is where it’s at but these are my two favorites.

I do still enjoy the YSL all hours but that was just like sick it’s a very very sick since these are my two faves, those are where it’s at in my opinion and I’ve tried so many Foundation.

As far as a concealer from Sephora I think of course the Estee Lauder Double Wear is beautiful I’m wearing it today and you guys I recently wore a different concealer and a video like testing it out I didn’t even say anything about it and I got so many nice comments. The concealer can really make or break a look so, getting the right concealer that does not crease, that does not slide around really cancels things out that blends into your foundation – that’s so important, this one right here absolutely does it. It just makes you look like you got more sleep than you did, brighten things up, it blends beautifully and it is expensive so why not purchase this during this Sephora VIB sale.

Another concealer I don’t talk about a lot but is really good for carving out a brow, for a thicker application underneath the eye or for spot concealing on the face is from Nars, Soft Matte Complete Concealer really really good.

For setting the face to give you that like creamy glow, I love… love… love the Ambient Powder from Hourglass. This will change your complexion if you have any dryness on the skin,” this is not for oily skin ” I would not recommend putting this all over your face for oily skin. But if you want that like creamy beautiful glow, this just gives it to you so fast, I love it – it’s the best.!

The Invisimatte Blotting Powder from Fenty is just a beautiful blotting powder that does not give you that like gross cake white cast, it just melts into the skin, it truly blocks the skin -I love this! I think it’s fantastic and kind of just like buff out any of the shines I don’t want on the face and it works beautifully.

My Clarisonic brush – I have to mention it because that it’s not cheap so go grab it while you can on this Sephora sale. I’ve been using it way too long and Inoticed that you do need to replace the brush head from time to time. That’s the one thing with the Clarisonic you buy it, you’re going to want to replace your cleansing brush head and your foundation brush head but the device just is such a game-changer. I can absolutely tell when I stop using it and when I start using it as far as cleansing the skin, and then as far as blending and contour it just get it done fast beautifully. It doesn’t move product around everywhere you can use less product – if so good!.

Heads up! I am still enjoying this from Becca the water powder. This powder right here is so gorgeous, I still use it – I love it. I think it’s so cool, it really minimizes your pores and sets the makeup and just going to do this like firm-fresh feeling so, wanted to update you guys that I am still really really loving the Hydra Mist Set & Refresh Powder. Great for touch-ups all over the face if you don’t like redo your makeup and your going out, this is a great powder.

How good is this Ultimate Sephora VIB Guide? – Seriously?

Next up I have a little bit of Sephora drama actually says Urban Decay drama but you know Sephora sale so I have to mention this. This powder I love so much… oh my gosh! makes it in your foundation and it’s beautiful. Shttps://fave.co/2qLNNDdet your makeup gorgeous this is the Urban Decay the velvetizer.

I’m obsessed with this NARS Rêve Salé Cheek Palette this is seriously the most gorgeous highlighter. You can pack it on wet or dry and it just gives you everything that you need it is Bam just gorgeous glowing goddess – love the texture, it doesn’t look over done or sparkly or gritty it’s just perfect. So, if you want a good highlight and you’re just going to use a pallet like this go for it – spend the cash I love it!

The other highlight right now that I am so so just attracted to and really in love with how it wears as well is the Smashbox Petal Metal Highlighter you guys look at how beautiful this compact is. The compact is gorgeous but the product itself is also absolutely so gorgeous. It is just so freaking good, I love this it glistens on the skin, it’s beautiful, it’s enjoyable to just look at the compact – look at the beautiful design of everything and the whole collection is really really stunning.

Shimmer & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow from Stila. This is my very favorite out of the Magnificent Metals and if you have not tried these Magnificent Metals than you are missing out, you need to try them. I of course also what Levine new ones from BH Cosmetics and those are more affordable if you would need options those are the closest to this formula that I have found. But this color and particular is just so special and I don’t have anything else like it in my collection so I want to just reiterate how much I love this color – it works with so many different looks and it is the best one in my opinion.

If you need to line your eyes then we need to talk about this Smashbox eye pen over and over again. I have not loved a liner so much in a long time, this is the always on liquid eyeliner so good, easy to apply, wears all day, does not smudge. Hits all the high notes for me that I need in a liner

Another great eyeliner is Smudge Kajal Eyeliner by Stila. This is the Kajall pencil in espresso I also have of course intense black. I keep these two up here on my vanity and I wear it these two all of the time. So, if you’re looking for a good liar that you can use on the Lashline and the water line that isn’t going to smear everywhere than steel is where it’s at, the say that cash by some eyeliner from Stila if you have been waiting to take the plunge – go for it!.

Another item that is so good for the list cuz we’re kind of moving around here Pat McGrath MatteTrance Lipstick – gosh… dang it! I don’t know why it took me so long to try this out. This is the matte trance lipstick and Peep Show – I want more of these, the texture of this is probably the best matte that I own, and I have like 1.. 2… 3… 4… 5… 6 Embarrassing! I need to do a major clean out but I have so much in terms of lipstick I have never felt a formula that is better than this one right here, and who does not love everything about this design, the little lips on the front so gorgeous. I’ll quickly share with you guys that on at my lips today I am wearing the caramel Clinique x Marimekko Pop Splash Lipgloss. These are just so glossy without being goofy and I keep wearing them. I just wanted to mention it again this is one of my favorites in terms of glosses, if you’re really needing a glass Marc Jacobs also does a fabulous job with really shiny but not goofy glosses. I keep using this, I can’t get enough of it – this is so good and again it’s not cheap.

The Metallist high-shine bouncy creme shadow palette from Touch in Sol really, really good if you like cream shadows that are metallic but you don’t want them to fall apart, be flaky or make your eye lines more visible, it just kind of sits on the lid beautifully and does not exaggerate things.

As far as an actual pallet right now Nars Wated eyeshadow Palette so good! every time I wear this I love my makeup. It Blends beautifully, you have different textures in here, you have your classic colors that are going to give you that initial lay down of transition and kind of like a neutral Vibe, and then you can really just go to town with these more exciting colors and kind of amp up to shine. I think it is so beautiful and smooth and creamy and glittery but just the right amount.

If you want a glitter that is more in your face and more wow! but does not fall everywhere then check ou Photo Edit Eye Shadow Trio by Smashbox. I want them to come out with more colors because the texture on this is just Insanity! It’s actual straight glitter looking on the lid when you apply it somehow just stays on the lid and it does not fluff everywhere, it wears beautifully without creasing all day long I wore this during a wear test of I think really crappy concealer but my eye makeup looked so good.

Something to check out – all these little guys from Huda Beauty that are already very affordable. I would definitely look at buying one of these if you need bright colors or if you need a cute little neutral palette to take on the go.

From Makeup Forever we have the Star Lit Glitter Palette this is similar to the Smashbox Trio. Beautiful palette. Makeup Forever does an excellent job with shadows, they do an excellent job with a lot of their products but this is something special to me that I think the formula is just very very good.

Brows! Diorshow Brow Styler Ultra-Fine Precision Brow Pencil If you want a micro pencil? go with this one, it’s just so so good and you can just like give yourself a fuller brow looking at very natural and do those like feather strokes were actually looks like an actual brow hair, instead of a sticker pencil, where you run the risk of kind of looking too harsh and unnatural so I love this so much!. I also, really love this from Hourglass this is the Arch Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel and so long as you don’t brush this off on a tissue a little bit and go and you can go and kind of hard, and it just gives this base to your lashes really pushes them up – it’s almost like a push-up bra for your brows… it really just gives them a little more something.

My die-hard setting spray has to be the All Nighter Pollution Protection Makeup Setting Spray by Urban Decay I do have the pollution protection right now I don’t know that it’s really any different, but what I do know is that when I don’t use all nighter my makeup just does not last as long and because of that it’s my favorite it’s something that I do really recommend.

I also want to say if you need a Beauty Blender now is your chance, so good… oh my gosh. Also, I like using cream products with this as far as bronzers. If I overdo a setting spray can go back in and kind of pat off the excess so good.

Snap! you know what? I didn’t mention any Hair Care and I just have to tell you guys I am still exclusively in a monogamous relationship with Briogeo that stuff has changed my hair I love them! – I love the brand owner, I love everything that they are about. So, if you have not explored that brand the VIB Sephora Sale is a great time to do that. They have some new product that I think I need to be testing here in another post soon but, as far as what I already like know and love and use right now I love the Reserve co-products – I love the Volumeizing Shampoo smells like Satsuma just like really bright beautiful orange. No synthetic fragrances in the product so that’s great, I love their dry shampoo I cannot do without that since I found that dry shampoo just like game-change. It is so so good and then they’re detoxing products are really good too so check them out here: Briogeo products

Holy smokes! lots of products – I hope you guys enjoyed this if you did please like and share. I really really appreciate it, and I hope you guys are having an awesome day whatever you are doing… I love you so much and I will see you all in my next post.

Products mentioned on this mighty Sephora VIB Sale 2018

Urban Decay Anti-Age Eyeshadow Primer Potion $22.00
Stila Smudge Kajal Eyeliner $20.00
Clinique x Marimekko Pop Splash Lipgloss $18.50
Beauty Blender $20.00
NARS Rêve Salé Cheek Palette $49.00
Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Brows $22.50
NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer $30.00
Becca Hydra Mist Set & Refresh Powder $38.00
Urban Decay The Velvetizer Translucent Mix In Medium $34.00
Smashbox Petal Metal Highlighter $39.00
Bobbi Brown – Vitamin Enriched Face Base Moisturizer • Bobbi Brown • $60
Tarte Clean Slate Timeless Smoothing Primer $39.00
Urban Decay – Eyeshadow Primer Potion – Anti-Aging • Urban Decay • $13–24
Guerlain – LOr Radiance Primer • Guerlain • $74
Laura Mercier – Flawless Fusion Ultra-Longwear Foundation • Laura Mercier • $48
Estée Lauder Estee Lauder – Double Wear Waterproof All Day Extreme Wear Concealer • Estee Lauder • $28
Hourglass – Ambient Metallic Strobe Lighting Palette • Hourglass • $62
Origins – Original Skin Pore Perfecting Cooling Primer with Willowherb • Origins • $32
Urban Decay – All Nighter Pollution Protection Makeup Setting Spray Environmental Defense • Urban Decay • $34
Clarisonic – Sonic Foundation Brush Head • clarisonic • $39
Stila stila – Shimmer & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow • Stila • $24
Touch In Sol – Metallist High Shine Bouncy Cream Shadow Palette • $42
Fenty Beauty By Rihanna FENTY BEAUTY by Rihanna – Invisimatte Blotting Powder • Fenty Beauty By Rihanna • $32
Hourglass – Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick • Hourglass • $46
Smashbox – Always On Liquid Eyeliner • Smashbox • $22
Smashbox – Photo Edit Eye Shadow Trio • Smashbox • $22
Hourglass – Arch Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel • Hourglass • $28
Dior – Diorshow Brow Styler Ultra-Fine Precision Brow Pencil • Christian Dior • $29
Nars NARS – NARSissist Wanted Eyeshadow Palette • NARS • $59
Huda Beauty HUDA BEAUTY – Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette • HUDA BEAUTY • $27
Pat Mcgrath Labs PAT McGRATH LABS – MatteTrance Lipstick • $38
Make Up For Ever MAKE UP FOR EVER – Star Lit Glitter Palette • Make Up For Ever • $45

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