How to Pick the Right Blusher for Your Skin Tone


I wanted to keep this video VERY UNSPECIFIC. There are not rules in makeup. Do whatever makes you happy. You don’t really need to know brands, whats HOT whats NOT. You just need to think colour. What colour will i look best in? What would make me happy? What colour makes me look great?

Think colour – sod the brands. Once a product is on your face no one knows if its Chanel, NARS, MAC or YSL.

If you know any great drug store brands that do great blushers for light/medium/deep skin tones please share. Leave a message in the comments seconds which blush you like best for your skin tone.

Pale/Light skin:

Think pink. Any pink. Fuchsia. Red. True reds.
Careful with overly peach shades that have too much orange in them. Can look muddy and orange on the skin.

Medium/Deep (deep tan) Skin:

Pink. Browny pinks. Reds. Fuchsia. Tawny. Apricot. Raspberry.

Deep skin:

Gold. Reds. Fuchsia. Deep Apricot. Burnt orange (my fav). Deep raspberry. Using a blush with shimmer in can make a huge difference when looking for extra dimension or if your skin gets ashy at times.

Universal shades:

Red. Fuchsia. Anything bright and shocking. Just use them with a light hand.

NOTE: This month a few NEW makeup collections that should have been released were not. I’ve been e-mailed to ask why. In the UK/EU at the end of March – NO NEW COSMETICS (this also includes hair products etc…) CAN BE SOLD THAT HAVE BEEN TESTED ON ANIMALS, USED INGREDIENTS THAT HAVE BEEN TESTED ON ANIMALS OR USED THIRD PARTY TESTING ANY FINISHED OR UNFINISHED PRODUCT.

This is great news for those of us that care about animal rights.

Trying to get info from the major companies is posing a problem. I would imagine that the UK/EU will be get getting LESS new collations until they sort themselves out. This is a wonderful step in the right direction for the UK/EU and hopefully soon the US and elsewhere will follow suit. I hope this helps those wondering why we are seeing a reduction in the amount of NEW COLLECTIONS from major makeup lines.

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